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House 13

One of the most daring ideas of interior design is to use the glass as a stiffener element to create the idea of floating. In a small building with narrow spaces and little storage solutions.

The living room was designed in a Mediterranean style, with a marble floor with large tile and the wall with the scale being covered in stone blocks.

On the front wall there is plywood with uniform and decorative plates, alternating to create a game. The veneer of the plywood is similar to those of the table, so it creates the idea of a letter “L”, contributing and the abstract carpet. The orange was used as an accent shade in this room, and in the rest of the room are used pastel colors.

On the wall opposite to the seating area is a library on height registers, each register having different sizes and colors. This body of furniture is highlighted by downlights, they followed the course of the corridor.

The floor was designed as a large room that will become a relaxation area.

The office is separated from the bedroom by a generous and original library. It has one terrestrial part and another anchored to the concrete floor. Put in alignment, they give the impression of the holes so we can see by the library and also we can complete with different objects and appliances.

The bedroom is minimalist with a bed and two nightstands with glass feet that give the feeling of floating. As an element of decoration on the wall were mounted different wheels with spokes in a horizontal composition.

The lighting is also minimalist, being preferred the Louis Poulsen nightlight with a reinterpreted classic form of aluminum and a floor lamp that reminds the industrial design as a stand-alone design object.

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