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Apartment arrangement

Apartment design, between aesthetics and functionality

The solutions of our designers for the relatively small spaces of the apartments are downright revolutionary, because they manage to create comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Through the creative and inventive projects that we propose to clients, the specialists of our company transform these housing units into spacious and comfortable homes.

The apartment fitting-out services we offer are ideal for a small-sized apartment, because the tenants will benefit from an extra space, through some innovative ideas that are the basis of our projects. In this way, we can transform an ordinary and banal interior into one that visually seems larger and to which we will give a pleasant and modern ambience, adapted to the current lifestyle.

Designing a small apartment

Among the ideas most suitable for the decoration of an old, small apartment, there is also the abandonment of the classic, robust wardrobes, and the adaptation to a simpler solution, of embedding the dressing rooms in the wall, between the niches.

Classic doors can also be replaced with sliding ones, thus gaining more space. In the bedroom, the matrimonial bed could be replaced with a folding sofa, multifunctional and at the same time very comfortable, which also has a storage space. In this way, a more airy, comfortable and extremely practical space is obtained.

Of course, each apartment design project has its own characteristics, our designers taking into account all aspects and taking into account a number of factors.

Color plays an important role in apartment design projects

For the living room in an old apartment, spread over a small area, there are the same requirements for replacing useless or much too robust objects with multifunctional and flexible ones. Thus, instead of massive bookcases, suspended bookshelves for books or CDs are installed, the basic idea being that the furniture should decorate more vertically, leaving the lower space free, which will create a much more aesthetic visual impact from the start. Of course, in this way the room becomes even more functional.

Color plays an essential role in the aesthetics of an interior, therefore, small spaces always require bright colors. It is advisable to choose furniture in shades as light as possible, as well as the painting of the walls. Our team of decorators will create the interior of a living room as the client may not have dreamed of, because they have extensive experience in arranging spaces of this kind.

Artistic apartment decoration services

Our services are also addressed to new, spacious apartments, which do not require any restrictions from this point of view. Our creativity and talent can give an ideal atmosphere to a large house, always taking into account the client’s preferences, personality and needs.

We focus primarily on the maximum exploitation of the space we have at hand, giving it a multifunctionality necessary for the modern lifestyle, but we never lose sight of the aesthetic side, because, in the end, the profession of designer is not a simple job of furnishing an apartment, but a true art, and art has always been and will always be at the service of beauty.

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